Martin DRS2 Guitar Review

Guitars have now been part of the music industry for many years now. It is also considered to be one of the most common personal music instruments owned by the people. So it is safe to say that we are at a stage where we expect nothing less than the best in our guitar. We want the best features, best built and seamless sound quality –but all for a very low cut price. Seems like a hard combination to find, doesn’t it? Well, it might be hard but it isn’t impossible. There are definitely a few exceptions out there and the Martin DRS2 guitar is one of them.

Martin DRS2 Guitar


Martin dreadnought DRS2 is an electric acoustic guitar. This model was recently introduced by Martin in its ‘affordable’ range but it surpasses all the ordinary expectations you might have of it. To say the least, Martin DSR2 is the most solid and supreme quality guitar introduced by Martin ever. It is the successor of the mahogany DSR1 guitar.

Built and design

Martin DSR2 is a solid wood guitar that has a glossy mahogany top with sapele sides and back. The top front is solid sitka spruce. It is a true depiction of the Mexican craft and comes with a very high-end built that makes it increasingly durable for long-term use. The body comes with a smooth glossy mahogany finesses and 20-fretboard ebony slick.


The one thing that this guitar will never compromise on is its high end quality. We love it for this. Martin DSR2 is all about seamless high performance, smooth tones and well-balanced sound quality. It is phenomenal as far as the sound quality goes and makes for a very suitable acoustic electric guitar. The clarity of the sound is remarkable and the bass is well-balanced to the best extent.


The one thing we absolutely loved about Martin DSR2 is how comfortable it is in the hands. It is very easy to use for all beginners and the skilled players will definitely enjoy using it in a flow. The narrow profile leaves minimal stress on your hands and it sits comfortably around the neck for perfect music play.

Final verdict

If you are someone who is looking for luxury in an acoustic electric guitar range but does not want to pay a very high price for it, this guitar is the best option. It ticks off all the right boxes.

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