Martin DX1AE Review

For those that are looking for high quality acoustic guitars without breaking the bank, Martin has a serious line up of options. As you may see in this Martin DX1AE review, you will have a lot to look forward to if you decide to pick up an acoustic from Martin. If you’re looking to keep the budget under $1,000, then you’ll definitely like the design, tone, and cost of this guitar. Whether you’re playing folk tunes, or you want to work out some aggressive rhythms, you can do so with relative ease using this guitar.


The design of the guitar is what you’d expect from a lot of acoustics in the market. It’s made of a lightweight wood, and put together nicely. When picking it up, you are going to notice that the neck is sturdy, the weight is nice, and the components are all placed together quite nicely. These all lend to the sound that you will get from it, but overall, the materials are good, given the price. Of course, this is not going to be the highest end of materials, but you shouldn’t expect that. As far as quality is concerned, however, it’s high grade none the less. Sitka Spruce rounds out the top, and it’s a good overall warming element for the sound. It has a lot of manmade materials connecting things together, so that should be noted here.


Overall, as you may expect form Martin, the sound quality of the DX1AE is solid. It’s strong, balanced, and carries very well in all types of playing styles. It’s an easy to play guitar, easily tuned, and stays within the style you want with ease. Whether you want to play smooth jazz notes, or Spanish elements, you can easily find yourself playing a great deal of songs with ease, all with a tone that is balanced overall. The versatility of the guitar makes it a good option for rock, modern, and pop sounds. You’ll find that the strumming produces a great flexible sound, and definitely easy to write songs, or just play some of your favorites.


One of the biggest drawing factors that you’ll see with any Martin DX1AE review is the cost. This is going to be under $1,000 nearly every time. You may find it a bit cheaper during some sales, but the quality that Martin has placed into this versatile acoustic is definitely a positive thing. You’ll find that the tone is warm, bright, and becomes a signature piece for your playing. If you’re into modern music, this is a good option to have around.

As far as how it compares to others, it’s definitely not going to be your best bet for playing in front of large audiences. However, you will still be able to carry on some good notes and tunes with it, in a small to medium sized venue. The playability, branding, price, and construction all lend themselves to the overall quality of the Martin X series. For the price, this is a good sounding guitar, no doubt.

Martin DX1AE