Martin GPCPA5K Review

Amidst the top guitar manufacturers that produce acoustic options, you’ll find Martin to be a major contender. One of the premier options that you can pick up is the Martin GPCPA5K, and it’s a solid option under $1,000. You’ll find that as you explore this solution for your needs that there are several points to consider in terms of design, tone, and cost. If you look into a solid Martin GPCPA5K review you will see high marks across various components, making this a good buy for an acoustic guitar.


Up front, you’re going to see that this release has a Spruce top, wooden laminate Koa patterned design and strong construction. Martin has created a good, sturdy guitar with serious strength, without compromising sound. The laminate allows for a light touch, so you’re going to feel that this is not as heavy as some of the competitors that you may see on the market. The neck, however, is not wood. The body is, but the neck is made from stratabond, which is a Martin staple for lower cost options. You won’t even notice the difference when playing, however, so don’t worry too much about this note.


The sound that you will denote here is a solid, warm and strong acoustic sound. If you’re looking to play with heavy strumming, or palm mutes, you will find that the sound carries very well. The bass is not heavy, there’s a balancing act here. You’re not going to get that “boom” that you would get with other models, as this is more of a lighter tone overall. However, you may not even notice that as Martin has found a way to balance the acoustic tones quite well here. The neck has a slight curve, and overall flat which can be a bit tricky if you’re not used to this. The width is different as well, but if you’re used to playing other acoustic guitars, then you will definitely find that this is a simple one to pick up and play.


As you may denote from any Martin GPCPA5K review, you’ll see that the cost is quite favorable. Amidst the crowded marketplace of guitars under $1,000, you’ll find that Martin does well here. Martin has really done well to create something that has a few components that make the cost favorable. It’s an affordable, easy to play guitar, that has a variety of selling points for experts and novices alike.

If you’re a folk guitar player, and you play acoustic music in a variety of different formats, this is going to work quite well for you. If you don’t have big hands, and you have a hard time playing certain notes and compositions, don’t worry, this is a smaller solution. The shape is a bit smaller, and demands adjusting, but once you get used to the curve on the neck, you’ll find that this may very well become your favorite guitar. This is a solid guitar that is comparable to others in the market. Test it out and see if the tone, shape, and style is favorable to you.